Stress may be a contending factor in contributing to allergies. Medications and/or therapies used for reducing stress may be used as an ‘allergy treatment’ by first determining the body’s reaction to a stressor or allergic substance, then providing therapeutic relief.. The term for this type of testing and/or therapy is Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. The end goal being to better understand the relationship between an allergen and stress so that every aspect of the therapy may be used to its full potential.

The allergen therapy devices that we use are made for revealing a stressor to the body. However, it is not indicative of what the stressor is, whether it be an allergen or sensitivity causing the body’s stress measurement to rise above its normal stress baseline. Stress can be measured by the release of histamine in the body; therefore, a reduction in stress also leads to a reduction in histamine leading to a reduction in allergic symptoms and reactions.

By using stress reduction therapy to reduce the release of histamine, allergy symptoms are likewise reduced via light therapy to modify a body’s stress response. By modifying one aspect of the body, stress can be reduced in order to provide allergy relief for patients.

One therapy machine, the BAX-3000 has the capability of causing or preventing an allergic reaction, based on the laser frequency of the allergen it is replicating. Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT) is not a solution only limited to reducing allergy symptoms, but has the capability and technology for affording health benefits outside of the allergy treatment realm.

Things to consider before using NSRT include: a stress response does not always mean the patient is allergic to that specific allergen. The machine only picks up that the certain allergen is causing stress in the patient’s nervous system, leading to a histamine release. Even if only the stressor is identified, this will better able the patient to eliminate the response of the nervous system to provide overall better quality of life and better health. 

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