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The Neverending War On Cancer

In this day and age, a majority of the population is suffering from some form of cancer. Since the recent advances in medical technology over the past 50 years, the desire to find a cure for cancer has continue to increase. However, how close are we really to finding the end all cure? Numbers and statistics will say that we are not very close. The medical industry is pumping billions of dollars into cancer research, and yet, there still is no cure.

The Body Can Heal Itself

Unfortunately, homeopathic and alternative medicine has claimed to have found the magic cure for cancer. However, they are also losing the war with cancer. God has given us an inherent ability to heal ourselves. When the interference is removed, our bodies are able to begin the healing process themselves.

This is not only true for cancer, but also for many other ailments and diseases, like heart disease. In today’s modern age, there are a variety of neurotoxins in the environment that invade our nervous system. Even though the outside may be clean, inside there are a variety of factors causing problems.

The Cause: Inflammation

The primary, specific cause of degenerative diseases can be summed up by a single phrase: inflammation. Inflammation is connected to all of the primary diseases affecting individuals today, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and the list goes on. Instead, individuals suffering from inflammation should be asking themselves, “What is causing the inflammation?” Once the cause is removed, then your body is able to begin the healing process. Unfortunately, many doctors are performing the wrong tests, which leads to prescribing the wrong treatments.


Glutathione, an antioxidant found in plants, animals, and fungi, has been mentioned in over 89,000 research studies, many of which have to do with cancer. Unfortunately, many chemotherapy sessions are failing, and scientists are working day and night to discover why. In cancerous cells, the levels of glutathione levels are raised, which acts as a protectant against chemotherapy. Scientific research is trying to reverse this process in order to lower glutathione levels in cancerous cells and raise glutathione levels in healthy cells.

In essence, your body is able to raise glutathione levels both securely and adequately in order to safeguard itself from inflammatory diseases. Raising glutathione levels also aids in the expulsion of oxidative stress, environmental toxins, and inflammation.In conclusion, if we are able to remove the CAUSE of the inflammation, only then can your body begin to HEAL.

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