Diabetes (Cont’d)

The Answer

Part III

There are studies that show that 75 to 80% of Type II Diabetes is reversible with permanent lifestyle changes. However, new studies show that toxins are the cause of 1/3 of all Type II Diabetes. Now if we combine these two thoughts, (1) the “correct” diet and exercise (lifestyle change) and (2) the most effective detox method, we get different results. Now the percentages for reversing Type II Diabetes increase to about 95%. The newest studies show that cellular toxicity trigger certain disease states in the body.

Diabetes is one of these diseases; it literally changes your genes expression. Changing gene expression is a new science, and believe the better solution towards your body “down regulating” this disease. So then why isn’t this new solution being talked about? One reason is that people are content to take a pill and have false hope that all will be well. Another reason is that most drug companies run healthcare industry and they don’t want you to know the solution. Regardless there is a better option that REALLY does work. These greater solutions are happening with Doctors around the country that are doing “cellar healing” and “cellular detox”. Next we will break down the solution into three teaching parts. First will be the correct diet, second, the correct detox and third the correct exercise. Believe it or not all the new studies show that there in only one type of exercise that makes your diabetes better, and that most all other forms of exercise are actually making it worse.

The Correct Diet

Part IV

In order for diet to be part of the solution it must address the true cause of this epidemic. The “Cellular

Healing Diet” does just that. This diet was introduced based on the scientific proof that inflammation around the cell is the “true” cause of diabetes as well as a growing number of other diseases. The “Cellular Healing Diet” removes two of the three causes of cellular inflammation.

There are many articles that have been written and papers published that speak of cellular inflammation as the “silent killer”; one such article was written by Time magazine as a cover story back in 2004-“Inflammation, The Silent Killer”. So this is not something new; what does this mean? We commonly think of inflammation as something that happens to our joints when we have injured them. That truly is inflammation, but not the silent killer that I am speaking of. The inflammation that I am speaking of is the type that affects every cell in your body. Cells of organs or systems which in turn cause many different types of diseases and conditions.

More specifically it is the cells membrane, a double layered membrane that encapsulates the cell that becomes inflamed. This membrane protects the contents of the cell. It is the barrier between the environment that surrounds the cell thus allowing certain things in as well as out so the cell can function. Cellular swelling around this membrane stops this transfer of vitamins, hormones, minerals and energy in and out of the cell. When this happens (cellular swelling) you get certain symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, and hormone deregulation. It also keeps toxins from being able to leave the cell. Anytime your cells functions they produce toxins. If you think of a car or fireplace the gas produces energy, but an exhaust is the toxin that is produced and needs to be eliminated. Imagine what would happen if the exhaust were not eliminated; it would accumulate in the engine of the thus causing it to shut off power to the car. The same thing happens in our cells.

In diabetics the studies it shows that when these toxins accumulate in your cells they trigger your genes to create diabetes. This is when the disease symptoms begin to manifest themselves. The theory that because your parents had diabetes you will in turn get diabetes has been proven false. The genes you get from your parents alone do not cause diabetes or any other disease. It takes an environmental stressor like a toxin to trigger them. YOUR DNA IS NOT YOUR DESTINY! The most exciting thing about this new research is there are ways to change these genes back to their original purpose. SO, in essence, it turns the “bad” expression of the gene off. Therefore, changing this gene expression which goes beyond diet must be part of a successful program.

The second point that needs to be made is; the way the cell membrane allows substances in and out of a cell is via receptors. In cellular inflammation these receptors get clogged and do not allow the transfer of materials in or out of the cell. In the case of diabetes each cell has an insulin receptor. Insulin is a hormone. The inability of a hormone to pass into a cell is called “hormone resistance.” In diabetic this is known as;”insulin resistance.” Insulin is responsible for bringing glucose into the cell to produce energy. The glucose then accumulates in the blood leading to elevate blood glucose. This elevated blood glucose causes rapid degeneration, more inflammation and premature aging. Elevated glucose, and therefore insulin inhibits your body from converting your thyroid hormone T4 into it active version T3. It’s the active version, T3 that gives you energy as well as helps your body to burn fat for energy. So as insulin slows the conversion of T4 to T3 you will gain weight and not sustain normal energy. Taking hormone replacement does little to nothing because it is in the form of T4 which still will not be able to convert to T3. Another reason is because insulin resistance (caused by cellular swelling which leads to diabetes) does not allow T4 conversion to T3, adds to the fact that most diabetics develop thyroid problems.

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