The Truth About Diabetes

Part I

Has this ever happened to you or someone you know? You have been healthy, and then one day a symptom arises that you have never had before, and despite what you do or how hard you try it does not go away.

When you go to your physician he/ she takes your health history and also runs some lab tests, when the results are back they diagnosis you with diabetes or pre-diabetes. The physician tells you he can help you and writes you a prescription with a glimmer in his eye as if he has just saved your life. Naturally you are elated that this has been caught in time and that your new medication will help your symptoms and get your life back on tract. As you delve into a conversation with your physician you ask the normal questions like; what are the side effects, how long will I need to be on this medication? Their answer sticks in your throat and your stomach tightens as they answer- “Well for the rest of your life.”

Some of us would just leave it at that and walk out of the office depressed and possibly angry with our new lot in life, and others would begin a journey of self help and recovery. I would like believe that most people would take the later. So you say yourself “There must be another way.” So as you ask the physician; “isn’t there something I can do so that I won’t have to be on meds for the rest of my life?” Again their response is not what you expected. The normal answer is- you can diet and exercise, but you will still have to be on medication as they hand you a pamphlet from the American Diabetes Association outlining a specific program for your new diet and life. As you leave you still wonder if there is any other way to handle this issue.

Hidden Truths

Part II

This scenario happens hundreds of times a day across the USA. You walk out of the doctor’s office preparing yourself for a lifetime on medication(s). What most everyone doesn’t realize until later is, although the medication is keeping their blood glucose levels down or at least somewhat lower and some of their symptoms seen to have improved, they do not know that their body remains in an accelerated state of decay.

Let’s look at the truth according to the American Diabetes Association/ADA website. Diabetics on medication; age more rapidly and die at an earlier age. Diabetes is also related to 60% of ALL amputations, 50% of all new cases of blindness, 68% development of heart disease, 70% development of neuropathies and also the chances of dementia increase 2 fold.

This does not sound like “fixing the problem”, only creating the possibility of more problems. I believe that if this was explained in the beginning then most people would just tell the physicians where to put their pills and, “just deal with the problem”. But I can tell you there is another answer. It does not contain any medications with a long list of side effects. Really how safe are all these prescribed medications when many of them are being taken off the market for causing cancer?

If you are reading this, then I hope that you are interested in taking on a different direction, a new hope. Well I am here to tell you that there is a new and proven way; a new direction, an alternative that allows your body to actually fix the problem. I cannot and will not tell you to come off your medication, but when we remove the source of interference your body has the God given ability to fix itself. This power and ability exists in each person, you just have to know how to tap into it.

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