Easy Exercises To Strengthen Your Back


Your back has many muscles that need to be developed. You need not only focus on your arm or leg muscles when you work out. You also have to strengthen your back because this is the part where you get the strength to help you lift objects and hold your upper body upright. If you're searching for convenient yet effective exercise options to strengthen your lats, traps, and more, here are some simple back-strengthening exercises for you.

Standing Toe Reach Exercise. Toe reaching exercises can help you train your lower and upper back muscles, especially the lats. To do the standing variation, stand straight and keep your feet apart at shoulder width. Bend your back slowly and reach for your toes. Hold this position for several seconds before you slowly return to starting position. For variation, after 20 or so reps, try to reach one leg with the opposite arm while the other arm is extended straight towards the back. Do the same number of reps to the other arm.

Hip Rotation Exercise. Doing this exercise will lead to a stronger set of middle back muscles. To begin, stand in an upright position with your feet wide apart, your knees bent a little, and your hands resting on your hips. Rotate your upper torso to the left, going as far as you can tolerate. When you have reached the maximum rotation angle that you can, hold that position for a couple of seconds and slowly rotate it back to the original position. Do the same towards the other side. You may opt to do several rotations to each side as long as you keep everything in moderation.

Fetal Curl Exercise. This exercise will enhance the tone of your lower back, especially the hip muscles. To do this, you need to lay on the floor in a supine (facing the ceiling) position. Cross a leg over the other. Using both hands, pull your legs close to your chest until you feel your hip muscles stretching, as if curling like a fetus inside the womb. Continue holding this position as tolerated. Then, slowly bring your legs back to original position. You can do as many reps as you can handle.

These exercises are also good warm-up routines that you can do before proceeding to more vigorous back exercises too. You can conveniently add them to your exercise session at the gym or at home. You can also do supplementary back exercises at home with the aid of the suitable home fitness equipment that you can shop for online. So it does not matter if you can't go to the gym, you can still hone your back muscles to become stronger with the best back strengthening exercises.

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