Mercury Poisoning

mercury poisoning

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Mercury Poisoning

During the 1980’s, the primary cause of mercury poisoning were contact lenses and solution. Mercury had a straight pathway to the brain, through the eyes via a contact lens. Mercury leads to brain poisoning. Think of the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland. His namesake was inspired by mad hatter syndrome. This would occur in historical hat makers who were exposed to mercury whilst forming a hat. This prolonged exposure caused neurotoxic effects.

The symptoms of this disease include confusion, muscular weakness, and emotional side effects. Other, more serious symptoms of mercury poisoning include kidney damage and irritability.

Amalgam Fillings

We may no longer create hats with prolonged exposure to mercury or contact lense solutions that contain mercury based preservatives. However, amalgam dental fillings are all too common a find in today’s society. Amalgam fillings are laden with mercury, causing slow mercury poisoning to our system over time. Mercury vapors produced by amalgam fillings add up to around 1-3 ug per day and up to 27ug/day. Daily routines such as chewing gum, teeth grinding, and drinking sodas can increase the amount of mercury vapors released by amalgam fillings.

You are probably thinking, “I can just get them taken out then.” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy of a solution. If removed incorrectly, it could lead to an even greater exposure to mercury than if the fillings had just been left in the tooth.

Strict Protocol For Detoxification

Moore Life Health Solutions will first measure the approximate amount of mercury in your system. You will then be placed on a strict regime to begin the detoxification process of mercury from your brain tissue. Amalgam fillings must be carefully removed by a dentist who has specialized in their removal, or else mercury can be released in extremely high, toxic levels. If able, Dr. Moore will direct you to the appropriate dentist for filling removal/replacement.

During this entire process, mercury levels are closely monitored. Our goal is to not only help you remove the source of mercury poisoning, but also detoxify the areas of your body and brain that are riddled with mercury. There is a strict protocol that must be followed when having amalgam fillings removed and/or replaced.

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