Migraine Headaches

migraine headache

Do You Suffer From Constant Migraines?

If you are one of thousands of sufferers of migraine headaches, then you are not alone. Migraine headaches can severely limit the easiest of daily activities, and severely inhibit work abilities. Everyone will experience a migraine at least once in their lifetime. However, those with chronic mirgraines are fighting an uphill battle.

Chronic migraines are one of the most ignored symptoms and warning signs. For example, you are driving down the road and suddenly your check engine light comes on. Are you just going to cover it up and assume that it is fixed? Or, are you going to drive to your mechanic in order to evaluate the problem? Chronic migraines work the same way. It is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and that it is time to visit your doctor.

Continuous medications to treat chronic migraines are really only a way to treat the symptoms, not the actual cause, of the headaches. The cause of your chronic migraines can stem from a variety of factors, from spine misalignment to toxins that are adversely affecting hormone levels. 

Finding The Cause

Yes, there is a time and need to take painkillers in order to function and mask the painful symptoms. However, every migraine and headache has an underlying cause that must be determined and treated. The primary cause seen in individuals suffering from chronic migraines and headaches is hormone dysregulation and poor diet. A cellular healing diet is the primary recommendation for most of these cases.

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