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Moore Life Health Solutions

Dr. Andrew Moore has continually strived to provide the best alternative therapy and chiropractic care in the San Antonio area. Recently, he has gotten the opportunity to expand this area of expertise into branches that encompass treatment of chronic headaches, thyroid conditions, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, diabetes, and more!

Along with the chiropractic side of the practice, Moore Chiropractic and Get Moore Care are now encompassed underneath Moore Life Health Solutions. Moore Life Health Solutions has a focus on functional medicine and natural, non invasive, non medicinal therapies.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Through amazing scientific technology and the continual advancement of the understanding of human cells and the human body, a new innovative movement has taken place in which Moore Life Health Solutions is excited to take part. This innovative movement is known as Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a natural type medical treatment, that is centered around how your organs, chemicals, and cells are operating together. The examination and treatment is based off the patient’s entire body, rather than just treating individual symptoms. The primary purpose of functional medicine is to guide your body back to its core methods of operation.  Leaving out your typical forms of treatment, and re-connecting the communication between the patient and their body also encourages them to play a more active role in the healing process. Re-establishing the connection can restore the control in your overall health and eventually change your entire lifestyle.

Statistically Speaking

Throughout the last 30 years, technology has opened the doors for knowledge expansion in the medical field, because of this, we are discovering breakthroughs daily. Dr. Andrew Moore is a strong advocate for functional medicine, and at Moore Life Health Solutions, everyone is proud to say they are proud knowing they are helping patients get back on track naturally.

Genetics, lifestyle, and your environment are known to be big contributing factor healthwise. Along with, what you put into your body also plays a critical role in how your body ends up functioning as a unit. Diet and nutrition are some of the most crucial elements that contribute to the status of your health. Food and drinks with sugar, man made chemicals, and preservatives have nearly taken over America in the last 30 years, because of the accessibility of food on the go. Nearly everything we eat today is packed full of unnatural ingredients, except organically produced foods. What seems to be viewed as convenient, is in fact, just the opposite. In the long run the lack of nutrition, a poor diet, and lack of exercise end up causing more issues than anticipated.

Having poor eating habits that leave you without the proper nutrients can cause you to store more fat, and cause many complications internally. That is one of the reasons obesity has risen dramatically since the 1980’s, and has shown signs that this has become a rather serious epidemic. The statistics of adult Americans who have a body mass index (BMI) that is 40 or higher, has taken a 350% rise. Since the 1980’s, the percentage has jumped from 1.4% to 6.3%. When your body has the extra weight, the risk for developing disorders and diseases, such as, high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, is much higher. All of these complications can cause serious damage to your body, and cause damage that is lifelong. 

Among the diseases and disorders that you can develop through obesity, diabetes is a very serious disease that can be difficult to manage. Developing diabetes becomes very likely to happen if you are having problems with obesity. Based on The American Diabetes Association, if your unhealthy habits continue, nearly in 1 in every 3 will have diabetes. The numbers are astounding. Dr. Moore is experienced in the field of diabetes, and he can help you maintain a well balanced lifestyle. By examining your body, the right plan is mapped out for you. With all natural approaches to your health plan.

Treatment Areas

Moore Life Health Solutions understands that every system in your body has to work together, in order to perform at its highest level. Based on information gathered by Dr. Moore, a personalized regimen is developed to get your body back on track. 

Whether you suffer with diseases such as Diabetes or Crohn’s Disease or you are suffering from allergies due to pets, pollen, dander, dust, or food, the therapies involved in our new functional medicine division will produce amazing results. Treatments will not only encompass moderate to severe allergies, but they will also include areas such as weight loss resistance and autism!, Dr. Moore’s education and with proven results with functional medicine has helped many patients regain strength internally as well as externally.

With so many great things happening at Moore Life Health Solutions, Dr. Moore is very excited to begin, and continue, to offer these innovative therapies to the city of San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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Put a stop to filling your body with toxic man made chemical and learn how to win back your health!

If you are wanting to find a natural form of medicine, then contact Dr. Moore at (210) 525-9063 or request a consultation online.  

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