Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can go by many names– muscle stiffness; muscle fatigue; muscle spasms–the list goes on. However, the scientific names for various types of injuries causing muscle pain include myositis, fibromyalgia, muscular rheumatism, fibrositis, or myofascial pain. Scientific or common name, the pain is still there and still feels the same.

Sometimes, muscle pain can be hard to diagnose or pin down to one specific area. For example, do you or anyone you know experience:

  • Constant pain between the shoulder blades?
  • Continuous shoulder, neck, or hip pains?
  • Occasional numbness or tingling in the arms or legs?

After a serious medical diagnosis has been ruled out, a visit to Moore Chiropractic is the only course of action to take next. You don’t have to settle for a lifetime commitment to pain and anti-inflammatory medications like so many others. The longer a pain medication is used, the less effective it becomes over time, thus requiring higher dose or a stronger pain medication. Not only is taking pain medication inconvenient, it can also become very expensive. Pain medication will not work forever; all it does is mask the pain for a short period of time. That’s no way to live!

Instead of just treating the symptom or side effects of your pain with pain medications, start getting a lifetime of relief without drugs by visiting Moore Chiropractic.

Moore Chiropractic San Antonio wants to correct the cause of your problem, not just treat the symptoms like many medical professions.

Contact Moore Chiropractic San Antonio at 210-525-9063 if you have muscle pain so you can schedule your appointment to begin living a pain free life today!

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