Pain Management

pain management

Pain Management

True pain relief is extremely difficult to find. Many doctors will put an individual on several medications in order to treat the symptoms of the pain. However, in order to truly treat your pain, we must get to the source and provide relief there. Much of today’s society is continually taking drugs, whether over the counter or prescription, for pain associated with joints. Some of the most common pain that we see today is that associated with:

  • neck and back pain
  • herniated and bulging discs
  • sciatica
  • pinched nerves
  • continuous headaches

Neck and Back Pain

Millions of American suffer from neck and back pain on a daily basis. A majority of those are taking daily medications to help cope with the pain and treat the inflammation, all at the expense of organ damage. Moore Life Health Solutions wants to help you live your life both pain free and as medicinally free as possible. Regular chiropractic treatments from Dr. Moore can help get your neck and back moving properly. We also offer an array of other services, such as cold laser therapy, to aid in joint pain relief. Make an appointment with Dr. Moore in order to get a complete evaluation on your neck and back pain. From there, we can begin to form a plan for you to get you on your way to recovery.

Herniated and Bulging Discs

Herniated and bulging discs are extremely painful and causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Because of this pressure, it can also lead to tingling or numbness down a limb. With proper preventative treatments, such as chiropractic care and the correct supplements, you can find relief without surgery. However, surgery may always have to be an option, but our team here at Moore Life Health Solutions can prolong that day.

A herniated or bulging disc is no walk in the park, and they can be caused by something as simple as bending over to pick something up or as complicated as an athletic injury. No matter the reason, it is extremely important to get proper medical care. Dr. Moore will perform a complete analysis and may take x-rays in order to get a full understanding of the injury. From there, we can begin taking steps on your road to recovery.

Chronic Headaches

Anyone who has ever suffered from a sever headache or migraine knows exactly how debilitating they are. They can leave one nauseous and sensitive to the slightest sounds and smallest amount of light, making work virtually impossible. The most important step is finding the source of your chronic headaches. Is it a pinched nerve, herniated or bulging disc, or even an allergy? Until we find the source of your chronic headaches, you will never find true relief. This is where Moore Life Health Solutions comes into play. Dr. Moore offers a complete analysis and multiple tests in order to determine the source of your chronic headaches. We want to get you on your way towards relief!

For more information on Pain Management, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore, please contact Moore Life Health Solutions at (210) 525-9063

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