Your Routine Beauty Products Can Affect Weight Loss and HormonesThe next time you visit a common meeting area, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, tune in to the nearby conversation. If it turns on to health topics, then you may begin to hear individuals speaking of their struggle with weight loss... [Read more]

Optimal health begins in the gastrointestinal system. The GI system maintains function of everything from the immune system and psychological processes, thus affecting a variety of health factors, including weight.There are different types of bacteria in an individual’s gut, both good and bad... [Read more]

Do you suffer from any of the following autoimmune disorders?CeliacColitisEczemaCrohn’s DiseaseType 1 and 2 DiabetesLeaky GutGrave’sLupusHashimoto’sArthritisAll of the above are different autoimmune disorders, which may be the cause of why you still are having symptoms and not... [Read more]

From Weight Loss Resistance, High Blood Pressure, Hormone Imbalance, Anxiety, and Other Bizarre Symptoms to Total Health Restoration and Helping Others Achieve the Same!I can’t believe I was 300 pounds in 2004, and today I have lost over 100 pounds naturally!  It’s so surreal to... [Read more]

Do you care about your health? The health of your family and friends? The welfare of the planet? The following must-see interview with Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Dan Pompa has the potential to change life on earth as we know it. Read on and watch this fascinating discussion of a topic that affects every... [Read more]

 Your back has many muscles that need to be developed. You need not only focus on your arm or leg muscles when you work out. You also have to strengthen your back because this is the part where you get the strength to help you lift objects and hold your upper body upright. If you're... [Read more]

 Take a look at the top 10 Easy Weight Loss Tips contained in our special feature on healthy dieting planning and you will know the secret behind planning nutritionally balanced, tasty meals without depriving your taste-buds of your favorite foods - its all about controlled measures and... [Read more]

Neck pain is so common that an estimated ten percent of North American adults are suffering from it at any given time. Chances are good that you will experience at least one episode of mild to severe neck pain in your lifetime. Doing neck pain relief exercises regularly can significantly minimize... [Read more]

 A healthy nervous system is key to a relaxed mind, calm body and overall well-being. If you routinely suffer from anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitches, and/or low appetite, your nervous system may need some support. Let's look at ways to improve your nervous system naturally.Let Food Be... [Read more]

 This pain can be anywhere from annoying to down right agonizing. A chiropractic doctor can help those suffering from sciatica by making adjustments to the spine and relieving the pressure on the sciatica nerve. They may also instruct you on some easy exercises to do at home which will help... [Read more]


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