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Want to learn more about Get Moore Care? Watch our office tour video to see what we are all about!

Dr. Moore makes a presentation on Cellular Swelling, also known as "The Silent Killer".

4 minute CBS channel 5 news show on Allergies with Dr. Dylan Foster and Advanced Allergy Relief of Arizona

Very helpful illustration of the spine and disk anatomy.

Tired of needing your sick days for days when you're back hurts?  Understanding the basics of back pain is the first step to ensuring that it

Includes information about BAX 3000 Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy and patient testimonials about the BAX 3000 as a successful stress

Dr. Matthew McCoy presents Sacro Occipetal Technique at a conference for Chiropractic Methodology.

Looking for a nutrition practice building, chiropractic seminar, and coaching business seminar. Doctor Pompa and his chiropractor and holistic

Hear these opinions on chiropractic from more doctors around the nation at the Unstoppable Chiropractic Conference!

Maximise your living momentum with these tips from doctors around the nation!

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A healthy nervous system is key to a relaxed mind, calm body and overall well-being. If you routinely suffer from anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitches, ...

This pain can be anywhere from annoying to down right agonizing. A chiropractic doctor can help those suffering from sciatica by making adjustments to...

The term 'chiropractor' must sound strange to most people. But when referred to as one of the various methods of detoxification, many individu...