Spinal X-Rays

Moore Chiropractic Spinal X-Rays

Moore Chiropractic has a radiology department where we can take a closer look at your condition via radiographs. If necessary, we can take spinal x-rays to ensure you are receiving the proper treatment.

Radiographs are a fairly safe and inexpensive diagnostic tool for Moore Chiropractic to use to obtain an inside look at the structure of your spine. A spinal x-ray can expose areas of stress and degenerative change in the spine, allowing an appropriate chiropractic care plan to be taken depending on the severity of the spinal changes.

Taking a spinal x-ray allows Dr. Moore to rule out the existence of more serious pathological processes such as spinal fractures, tumors, and infections, all of which require immediate, emergency medical intervention.

The additional information obtained from an x-ray allows Moore Chiropractic to combine history, physical exam, and physical findings to determine a more accurate spinal analysis. After the complete spinal analysis and spinal x-rays, we are able to produce an individualized and more effective treatment plan just for you.

Contact Moore Chiropractic today to begin your spinal treatment and to discuss the possibility of a spinal x-ray to better diagnose your neck and/or back pain!

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