Sports Injuries

Dr. Moore’s Story

Why would an athlete ever want to go to a chiropractor? This was the question I had asked myself when I was hurt while running for Florida State University. I had been competing to make the olympic trials in 1980 when I had hurt my foot and was unable to run due to a sports injury.

The school took me to every specialist they could, and my foot just would not get any better. It wasn’t until I was driving my sister-in-law to her chiropractic appointment that I was asked by her Chiropractor, “Have you ever tried chiropractic therapy for your injured foot?”

At That point I had become indignant and made some striped comment like, “I don’t believe that chiropractic adjustments worked, and I was treated by the best that Medicine had to offer.” So the chiropractor’s response was “How is that working for you?”

I had to admit it wasn’t working, and the chiropractor told me that I wouldn’t be any worse off if I let him look at it. After 2 adjustments, I was back running again. Then, after actually inquiring what chiropractic therapy and adjustments was, I squelched all my preconceived misconceptions about chiropractic, and I changed from going to medical school to chiropractic college.

What is Chiropractic Medicine?

The goal in chiropractic therapy is to stop any further damage to an area of injury. It is a treatment that not only encourages healing, but also discovers the reason why the injury happened in the first place. Chiropractic medicine looks at how the body is functioning.

If this function is not the way the body was intended for it work, then the chiropractor will proceed to work on correcting the function. After this is accomplished, an athlete can perform with greater strength, balance, endurance, and ultimately accomplish more.

At Moore Chiropractic, we are able to detect the differences in structures that would predispose the body to low back pain, headaches, sprains, strains, spasms, cramping, and other athletic concerns we often see in sports injuries. In conclusion, athletes are seeking out chiropractic care to help balance their structure, treat sports injuries, and prevent sports injuries. Which, in turn, allows an athlete to perform at their best.

Ready for Treatment and Relief?

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