Thyroid Treatment

Thyroid Treatment

If you are in the process of having your thyroid treated, yet are still suffering from unwanted symptoms, Moore Life Health Solutions are here to help. Some of the symptoms from which you may be suffering include weight loss resistance, even if you are dieting and exercising. Also, some of the other common symptoms may include:

  • Lackluster Skin and Hair
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Motivation and Depression
  • Hormone Related Symptoms such as Hot Flashes

Having to go through thyroid treatment without successful results can be extremely disheartening. Moore Life Health Solutions is here to provide information to help you further understand your condition.

Normal Thyroid Levels

Many patients who suffer from an overactive, or underactive, thyroid do not know the actual normal levels at which your thyroid should be functioning. However, healthy Thyroid Hormone Levels do not necessarily mean that you have a healthy functioning thyroid.

Thyroid Symptoms

Did you know that almost eighty percent of thyroid symptoms are actually related to an autoimmune disorder. Most doctors are not testing for these autoimmune disorders.

Type II Thyroiditis

Type II Thyroiditis is a type of Thyroid Hormone Resistance that causes normal blood work, yet still causes unwanted symptoms.

Reverse T3 Dominance

Another thyroid condition, known as Reverse-T3 Dominance may be caused by stress. In order to diagnose this thyroid disorder, only a simple test is required.

These are just a few of the thyroid disorders from which millions of individuals may be suffering. For a complete treatment plan and explanation, contact Dr. Moore at Moore Life Health Solutions.

For more information on Thyroid Treatment, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore, please contact Moore Life Health Solutions at (210) 525-9063

Disclaimer: The aforementioned information is not meant to replace a doctor consultation or appointment with a qualified healthcare professional. It is also not intended as medical advice, only a sharing of knowledge based on the work of Dr. Pompa and the experience of Revelation Health.

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