Weight Loss Resistance

Having Trouble Losing Weight?

Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to lose weight. There are countless numbers of patients that are working to do everything “right” in order to get healthy and lose the extra weight. This includes the latest fad diets, constant exercise, and dietary supplements. However, all of these lifestyle changes are not guaranteed to last or they do not provide results at all. Today, the majority of our food that Americans purchase at the local grocery store are full of preservatives, dangerous chemicals (many of which have been banned in other countries), and unhealthy fillers.

In order to fully understand weight loss resistance, it is important to understand hormones. However, in order to fully understand your body’s hormones, you must also be able to understand toxins and their effect on hormones. Here is a quick breakdown and explanation of both hormones and toxins within the human body.


The term hormone comes from the Greek word “impetus”. A hormone is produced by glands inside of the body, and they are a class of signaling molecules that affect cells by binding to the cell’s receptor proteins. After they bind to the cell, they ignite a specific reaction by causing the a change in cell function. They are transported by the body’s circulatory system, and they aid in the regulation of physiology and behavior. Because of this transference, hormones are a main communicator within the body to aid in regulating behavior and bodily functions including:

  • respiration
  • metabolism
  • excretion
  • growth and development
  • tissue function
  • sensory perception


A toxin is considered any poisonous substance that is being produced inside of a living cell. Cellular toxins were first discovered by the chemist, Ludwig Brieger. They can be of various sizes and sources including:

  • peptides – short chain amino acid chains that are linked by a peptide bond
  • small molecules – an organic compound within the body that are meant to help regulate a biological process
  • proteins – large molecules made of long chains of amino acids and perform a variety of functions within the body

Toxins are able to cause diseases within the body when they interact with various tissues. These tissues may send off the wrong signals, causing dysregulation of hormones and diseases such as weight loss resistance.

Most women know that their hormones are not right, but what they do not realize is that toxins are affecting those hormones. This is the primary reason why people who do not feel well are constantly unable to lose weight. In order to combat the weight loss resistance issue, many doctors simply prescribe more hormones. However, this is actually causing your body to stop producing its own hormones, thus exacerbating the problem.

Hormone Testing At Moore Life Health Solutions

Here at Moore Life Health Solutions, our approach towards weight loss resistance is different. We perform hormone testing in order to try and determine the underlying cause of hormone dysregulation. Through this testing and diagnosis, we have been able to help patients lose over a 100 lbs! We look for the source of the problem in order to find a solution and treatment option that is catered to your body’s hormones and weight loss resistance.

The Cellular Healing Diet is another great tool to assist with weight loss resistance. Once your testing has been completed and analyzed by Dr. Moore, he may assign a specific diet to you. The cellular healing diet will detoxify your cells and reset your system, kickstarting a new you!

For more information on Weight Loss Resistance, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moore, contact Moore Life Health Solutions at (210) 525-9063

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