Stress may be a contending factor in contributing to allergies. Medications and/or therapies used for reducing stress may be used as an ‘allergy treatment’ by first determining the body’s reaction to a stressor or allergic substance, then providing therapeutic relief.. The term for this type of testing and/or therapy is Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. The […]

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Top 10 Sport’s Injuries

With all the different sports today to be a part of, it’s no wonder there are so many injuries. Children are beginning sports and activities younger and joining multiple sports teams throughout their childhood and teen years. This can lead to multiple injuries. Fox News compiled a series about the top ten most common injuries […]

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Moore Chiropractic: San Antonio Chiropractor

Moore Chiropractic can do Amazing things for Your Health”Dr. Andrew Moore uses natural solutions for rapid pain releif and as an athlete he understands your need to keep on the move enjoying life and living well. He puts these two together with a strong faith and willingness to use his healing ability for others and […]

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